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What to Look for in a Bong

Although they are popular on the 21st century, bongs and water pipes have been in use for a while. Bongs are designed with water pipes, the main purpose being to provide a cooling effect to make smoking cooler and more tasteful. Smoking has been one of man’s favorite pastimes since time immemorial. Although people enjoy this age-old activity, it is well known that most of these substances are not very healthy. Marijuana is such an example. Marijuana has spirit-filled concentration that may be potent for the lungs and that is why bongs and water pipes are needed. They provide the cooling effect to protect the smoker’s lungs.

Regardless of the nature of the herb being smoked, bongs are used to ensure that hit that produces optimum effects. The bong takes the incoming smoke through a number of chambers filled with water so by the time the smoke gets to you, it has been cooled and won’t burn your throat like a dry pipe. Bongs are ideal for smokers who want a smoother, fresher smoking experience. Additionally, bongs have quite a number of health benefits. Dry pipes are, however, preferred sometimes because of their convenience. The structure of a bong makes it less portable. How does one go about finding the perfect bong?

Bongs differ in terms of the materials they are made of. A bong can be made using plastic, acrylic, ceramic or bamboo. Before going out to buy the bong, you should have a clear image of what you need. The choice of material will generally be guided by your intended use, need for durability and personal aesthetic. Bamboo, for instance, is pretty stylish and highly durable whereas silicone is very flexible, making it more convenient to travel around with. Glass is the most sought for option because it is the best when it comes to modifications and add-ons.

One of the most important parts of the bong is the percolator. Whether big or small, a percolator is usually designed for the diffusion of smoke. The combustion of dry substances such as tobacco is not very good for your health. Percolators filter out majority of the unwanted toxins so you can avoid inhaling the unhealthy byproducts. Smoking becomes more pleasurable and you also get to protect your lungs from damage. Bongs may come with a built-in diffuser or you can add the percolator as an accessory.

The size of the bong is also an important factor to consider. This is largely determined by your intended use of the bong. Smaller pipes are more portable so they are good for on-the-go use while larger pipes are good as a home device and also allow for more modification.

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