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A Basic Guide to Hand Pipes

Many methods can be explored when it comes to smoking tobacco and similar plant ingredients. One that never goes out of style is the hand pipe, smoking pipe, or cigar pipe. Hand pipes are smoking devices that most people use to smoke tobacco. Hand pipes are made of different materials. The most commonly used materials in creating hand pipes are wood and glass. The distinguishing characteristics of these products are their thin stems and small bowls. The small bowl is the part that is used to combust tobacco and other plant products. The thin stem goes by the name of shank, and it ends in a mouthpiece. The smoker can draw smoke from their mouth through the mouthpiece.

When it comes to the small chamber of the pipe, a variety of materials are used. Some of the most common materials include clay, meerschaum, corncob, and briar. Variations in the materials used for this part of the hand pipe include maple, cherrywood, oak, mesquite, and olivewood. For the bowl, the use of a dense-grained wood material is most common.

For the mouthpieces and shanks of hand pipes, the materials that are often used include Lucite, soft plastic, vulcanite, and Bakelite. The use of reeds, hollowed out pieces of wood, and bamboo is also very common. In the present market, any mouthpiece or shank made of amber in the hand pipe is often the most expensive. Such hand pipes have been known to be one of the most luxurious in the current market.

A hand pipe made of briar is one of the best hand pipes that you can invest in. These hand pipes are one of the most modern ones used by many smokers. You can choose either machine-made or handmade variants. When it comes to hand pipes, many reasons explain why briar is one of the excellent materials out there. For instance, these hand pipes are naturally resistant to fire. They are highly capable of absorbing moisture too. Using this material, you can ensure that your tobacco or plant product will last long.

If you want something more expensive and popular at the same time for hand pipes, you should give calabash hand pipes a try. You get a classic shape from this smoking device to up your smoking game. However, to make this hand pipes cheaper, using wood instead of calabash gourd is the most common. Either way, the functionality and shape remain the same. Beneath the bowl, these hand pipes have an air chamber. This part comes in handy if you want to dry, cool, or mellow out the smoke.

Indeed, the use of hand pipes brings another level of luxury and elegance in smoking cigars. If you choose the right kind, there is no doubt that you have invested in a long-term and durable product.

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