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Everything You Need to Know About Intermodal Freight Services

Moving freight using trucks is one of the things that a lot of people are very much familiar with. When you go about driving cross country, you will be seeing many semitrucks moving along the highway. Trucking as a method of freight transportation is not your only option because you can also make transportation happen by train. For those who are having a hard time deciding between a railway or a truck service to carry their cargos, you only have one answer. When it comes to moving freight, you can actually use both methods. The use of both methods is made possible thanks to transportation companies that offer intermodal services. By using intermodal freight services, you can make the most of the strengths that both types of transportation services offer.

In moving your cargo, the use of intermodal freight services means that you will be using various forms of transportation. In most countries, intermodal freight services make use of railway and truck transportation. However, these services can also include planes, barges, cargo ships, and the like. What makes all of these transportation forms possible will have to be the use of shipping or intermodal containers. In terms of shipping containers, there are certain standards published by the ISO, which need to be followed. With standardized containers used by companies offering intermodal freight services, they can be moved, unloaded, loaded, or stacked with the use of railways, trucks, or ships.

In terms of costs, intermodal services are much cheaper than shipping by truck only. Only with intermodal freight services can you take cost-saving advantages that both trucks and trains offer. If you use railway to move your cargo, you can use much more freight for the same amount of energy that a truck can use alone. Besides, using one intermodal train alone allows you to get rid of 280 trucks from the highway. Besides saving more of your money with the use of intermodal freight services, you can also ensure to be friendlier to the environment.

While you can always rely on railroad services to efficiently move your freight from one city to the next, it is highly unlikely that you can use these services to move your goods from one portal to another. It is important that you have a truck if you want to get your product across the final address f your customers from your loading dock to the railroad and then from the railroad to their address. You can only benefit from quality intermodal freight services when you also have a solid trucking company by your side.

If you are looking for intermodal freight services today, you should know that many companies offer them. You want to make sure that the company that you choose offers customer service, experience, and communication. It does not matter if you have a huge load or a smaller load, the company that you select must treat you in the same manner.

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